I have patterns available for:

~~~~Spring's Delight


~~~~Alien Joy

~~~~Northern Lights

~~~~Garden Sunrise


~~~~Mother Pacific


~~~~Ocean's Song
  This design is very challenging to piece. If your skills are up to it, I’m sure you’ll enjoy this one.

     Think of my quilt patterns as "Vogue" patterns for quilts.  I machine piece my designs using dressmaking and tailoring skills.  I am self taught.  When I was trying to figure out how to construct my designs, nobody was teaching.  My mother was an excellent seamstress and designer.  I learned from her, and then worked in a costuming and formal wear house as a seamstress. My quilts are made using those skills, not traditional quilt making skills. 

    I machine piece my designs as I think they present to their best using this construction technique.  I hope you will also.  I work with 100% cotton fabrics that I find in quilting shops.  I have been known to add in a piece of silk now and then, but not often.  Cotton is incredibly vibrant and the modern cottons hold their color well.  They are available in such a wide variety of patterning that it seems any patterning desired can be found.

   The designs named above are the ones for which I both have an intact original pattern, and faith that most folks could sew them together.  I do not recommend any of the others however unless you have really good or even excellent dressmaking/tailoring skills.  Some of the others are not available because my original pattern has been cut up to make the quilt - thus I have no original from which to make patterns.  I am willing to discuss others of my designs if you really can't live without it.

   All patterns come with a color digital photo, general directions for constructing the designs, and the pattern itself.  

    Northern Lights and Garden Sunrise are sent together as each of these is a small wall quilt.  Springs Delight, Northern Lights, Garden Sunrise, and Harmonics each include the mirror image pattern so that a 4 patch may be made of each design.   See Spring's Delight  for an example.

   All Patterns are $25.00 for the first order, including shipping and handling.    All subsequent patterns are $20.00, which will not include the generic instruction sheet included in the first order.  

   Please email your pattern request with the inclusion of your mailing address and phone number.  

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