I made this quilt for my friend, Marjorie Bevis. The fabric, with a single exception, is all her handmade fabric.   I loved using these marbled fabrics because in essence, I was making art with art.  The marbled patterns in the fabric suggested the design, and the finished quilt has the overall feeling of a colorful barrier reef seascape.  Ocean's Song will be included in the book Marjorie is writing about her marbling process and is in her private collection.
38 X 48

1st place, Marin Quilt and Needle Arts show, 1999
Shown at Pacific International Quilt Show in 1999
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   A closeup of the detail in the right lower corner of the quilt shows not only Marjorie's lovely fabric, but also the complex piecing involved in this quilt.

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Photo Credit: Robin Robin