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   WomanSpirit is a universal concept for me in that every woman has a Spirit which originates in her core and spirals out into her world, touching her children, her friends, those she teaches, and eventually touching the Universe through all those who have been touched by her generosity.   I have made two identical quilts from this design, partly as a construction challenge to myself, but also because, as a printmaker, the idea of more than one copy of something seems like such a good idea.  This allows me the luxury to part with a quilt while keeping its sister.
Size is 49 " X 59"

   This is a detail of the area below the center spiral.  With this quilt, I wanted to work on improving my quilting.  Before this, I had always done rather simple and minimal quilting.  The use of colored thread for the quilting added to the design.  Shown at Road to California in 2001 where for the first time I received compliments from the show judges for my quilting.
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Photo Credit: Robin Robin