spirit Spirits Join


This quilt took three tries over 11 years to finally get it right.  The first try, I didn’t have the skill to make the pattern.  The second try, the pattern wasn’t bad, but I couldn’t find the color.  The third try, I made the pattern, and color came to me easily.  Growth in me was good for both of us.


This quilt design is about the coming together of 2 people, and the creative explosion that begins and spreads out into the world from their joining.  This is one of only a very few quilts I’ve done consciously using a specific color theme.  Here, it is the double split compliment arising from the yellow/violet compliment. These are my favorite colors in which to work, and play.

48" X 60"


Shown at Pacific International Quilt Show 2006




This is the area where I began when making the quilt, and where I was confused and unable to proceed on that 2nd try.  I call this my “river running through it” area.  It’s the earth in an otherwise largely heaven filled quilt I am especially happy with the transparency I achieved.

This detail shows my quilting pretty well.  I think it's the best I've done to date.   sjoiningdetail-o

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Photo Credit: TMHodgson