When my grandchildren were having a particularly difficult time, I asked them to draw a picture of a quilt they thought they’d have good dreams sleeping under.   The youngest, Ashley (age 7), did a wonderful drawing, which inspires and informs this design.   Even the child in this work looks like Ashley. I was making a bed quilt for her---but after nearly a year of work, I think I’ll wait till she’s older and wise enough to hang it on the wall.   The quilting was the most challenging I’d done to date.

50" X 80"
        baggy.pants.lg.o.jpg - 30289 Bytes

baggy.detail.1.lg.o.jpg - 25938 Bytes
This dolphin was so sweet. Ashley wants to swim like a dolphin and maybe, someday, even swim with the dolphins.

I did a lot of hand embroidery to this quilt, which is especially visible on the sunflower, but the child’s face, the pants and shirt, all three flowers and the dolphins have hand embroidery as well. baggy.detail.2.lg.o.jpg - 27137 Bytes

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Photo Credit: Marylou Coleman